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Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


Name Required Sortable Filterable Data type Reference data Description
code STRING None A short code (maximum 6 characters) uniquely identifying this return reason, e.g. "DAMGD"
name SEARCH_STRING None A short, descriptive name (maximum 32 characters) for this return reason, e.g. "Damaged goods"
action STRING None A code indicating the action to take when the product is returned: one of WRITE_OFF, QUARANTINE, RETURN_TO_INVENTORY. More actions may be added in the future.
active BOOLEAN None Whether or not this return code is "active", i.e. can currently be used to capture return reasons against products.
updatedBy SEARCH_STRING None The full name of the user who last modified this return reason.
lastUpdated DATETIME None The date and time at which this return code was last modified.


Sorted by Sort Direction
code ASC

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