Brightpearl API

Welcome to the documentation for the Brightpearl API. Using the Brightpearl API, you can access the data held in your Brightpearl account and make use of Brightpearl's powerful functionality from within your own applications.

We are dedicated to building a modern, fast and lightweight API based on proven technologies (HTTP, JSON) and design principles (REST). We hope that our choices will enable you to build innovative applications for any device, using whichever programming language you prefer.

What should I do first?

The first thing you should do is follow our Getting Started tutorial, which will show you how to enable access to your account, setup a simple test environment and start experimenting with some of the features offered by the Brightpearl API.

We recommend following @BrightpearlHelp on Twitter for service and API updates.

Where is the technical documentation?

The menu on the left links to documentation for our services, each of which provides access to a group of messages related to areas of related functionality (accounting, order management, etc).