External Transfer

An external transfer is a special version of a goods-out note used to represent the movement of stock between two warehouses; the source warehouse and the target warehouse. Creating a new external transfer will allocate stock to a new goods-out note using Brightpearl's standard FIFO algorithm and the allocated stock will no longer be available for sale or movement.

The external transfer is then treated as a normal goods-out note for the purpose of picking, packing and shipping.

When the associated goods-out note is marked as shipped, the stock is instantly moved into the quarantine location of the target warehouse. It will appear in the quarantined stock report in Brightpearl.

The stock will not be available for sale from the target warehouse until it is released from quarantine.

Before you can call this API, you will need to create a stock transfer. Note that any products added to the stock transfer using the admin UI will be overwritten by this API.