Goods-Out Note

Goods-Out Notes are used to represent stock permanently leaving your stock control system. The most common use of a Goods-Out Note is to facilitate the fulfilment of a Sales Order.

When a Goods-Out Note is successfully created, stock is allocated to the specified Sales Order and is not available for the purposes of sales, Internal Transfers, External Transfers, Reservations or Stock Corrections.

Unlike the majority of resources that can be manipulated via the warehouse service, Goods-Out Notes have a temporal component, represented by lifecycle events.

A Goods-Out Note POST creates a Goods-Out Note with a created event, but for accounting and reporting purposes, the stock is still considered present in its original Warehouse and Locations

You should issue one or more Goods-Out Note Event POSTs to add lifecycle events such as picked, packed and shipped to the Goods-Note Out. The stock is not considered to have left a Warehouse until the shipped event is added to the Goods-Note Out.

A separate mechanism for creating a Goods-Out Note is provided by the External Transfer resource, which allows the movement of stock between two Warehouses