A Location represents a physical space in a Warehouse that an item of stock can be held in, like a shelf or a bin.

The Brightpearl Location model is flexible and does not assume any particular physical layout, but is designed to support the common 'Aisle, Bay, Shelf, Bin' configuration of warehouses. This is achieved through the use of the groupingX properties on the Location resource, illustrated in the examples in Location POST.

Locations do not have names, but the Brightpearl application will use the groupingX properties concatenated together (eg A1.B3.S4.B1) for display purposes.

The groupingX properties allow hierarchical warehouse configurations to be modelled, but no validation of the hierarchy or naming conventions are enforced (e.g. you may create a location A1.B3.S4.B1 and another called SORTING_BAY.MISC without an error). The only validation of hierarchy is that you cannot set groupingD if groupingC is not set, and so on.

Locations can also optionally be assigned to warehouse zones. See the Zone documentation for more information.

Locations can only be modified in order to update the association to warehouse zone. No other modifications are allowed once created and can only be deleted if no stock has ever been stored in the location, so you should exercise caution.

Locations do not support any concept of volume or capacity. Any number and type of products can be stored in a Location.

Stock is moved in and out of a Location through the Goods-In Note, Goods-Out Note, Internal Transferand External Transfer resources.

Default location

Default Location

Quarantine location

Quarantine Location