Supplier Payment Search



Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


Name Required Sortable Filterable Data type Reference data Description
paymentId IDSET None The payment id.
transactionRef STRING None Unique reference provided by the payment gateway.
paymentMethodCode STRING None The code corresponding to the payment method type.
paymentType STRING None The type of payment.
orderId IDSET None The ID of the order related to the payment.
currencyId IDSET None The ID of the payment currency. Returns null if the currency has not been set up in Brightpearl.
currencyCode STRING None The ISO code of the payment currency.
amountPaid STRING None The amount paid (PAYMENTs - RECEIPTs).
paymentDate PERIOD None The payment date as chosen by the creator of the payment.
createdOn PERIOD None The date the payment was added to Brightpearl.
journalId IDSET None The journal ID associated with this payment, if there is one.


Sorted by Sort Direction
paymentId ASC

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