Order Note Search



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Name Required Sortable Filterable Data type Reference data Description
orderId IDSET None The ID of the order to which this note is associated.
noteId IDSET None The ID of this note.
contactId IDSET None Optional. The ID of the contact to whom this note is associated.
noteText SEARCH_STRING None The content of this note. May be HTML.
isPublic BOOLEAN None Whether or not this note is 'public', e.g. visible to customers in the company portal.
dateAdded PERIOD None When the note was added to the order.
addedBy IDSET None The ID of the person who added this note to the order.
orderStatusId IDSET None The ID of the order status which the order was in when the note was added.


Sorted by Sort Direction
noteId ASC

More information

Instructions for working with resources can be found in Resource search design