Order Status POST



Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


This message enables you to create a new Order Status in your Brightpearl system.

Field Summary:

Field Description Data Type Required Notes

Name of the status

String True Maximum 64 characters. Cannot have a duplicate name for the same order type

The type of order that this status belongs to

String True Possible values are "SO", "SC", "PO" or "PC"

The hex color that the order status label will appear as

String True

The number of days that an order can be on this status before a notification is set to the user

Integer False Maximum of 9999. Defaults to 0

List of email addresses to send an alert to when an order lands on this status

List of strings False Maximum of 2 emails, each email must be no longer than 63 characters

Optional additional content to be included in the alert emails sent to the addresses specified in alertEmails

String False Defaults to ""

Whether or not this order status should be included in end of day batch post processing (Only applies to sales order and sales credit statuses)

Boolean False Defaults to false

Example 1

Create a new order status with just the required fields.

Request URI


Request body

	"name": "New Sales Order Status",
	"orderTypeCode": "SO",
	"color": "#E7E6E4"


	"response": 22

Example 2

Create a new order status with all fields.

Request URI


Request body

	"name": "New Sales Credit Status",
	"orderTypeCode": "SC",
	"color": "#E7E6E4",
	"remindAfterDays": 7,
	"alertEmails": [
	"emailContent": "Remember to ring Dave about this Sales Credit",
	"batchProcess": true


	"response": 23