Purchase Credit Close POST



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POST to this endpoint to start the invoicing process of one purchase credit. By this, the credit will be set to an "invoice pending" state (credit's invoice number set to "pending"). In this state, credits should not be modified (they are uneditable in the UI, but there is currently no protection against modification within the order service).

Once the purchase credit is in "invoice pending" state, the accounting service will be asked to start invoicing. If this operation is successful, the credit will receive its invoice reference, no longer be pending, and regarded as "closed".

If downstream invoicing of a credit in state "invoice pending" fails, this will not change the "pending" state of the credit, and it is allowed to call this endpoint again to retry the process. POST Purchase Credit Close of an invoiced credit will be rejected, however.

Even if the json representation of the credit close resource has an array for the order id that is just for future extension and at the moment this endpoint will accept only exactly one order id.


Closing one purchase credit with no provided exchange rate

Request URI


Request body

	"invoiceReference": "REF",
	"orderIds": [