Option Value POST



Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


This message allows you to add an option value for an existing product option.

In order for the option value to be successfully added,

  • the optionId must be valid and
  • the optionValueName must be unique.

The response is the ID of the created option value.

Field Description Required Maximum length
optionValueName The name of the option value. Yes 32
sortOrder he natural sort order of the option value - e.g. color would be sorted XS, S, M, etc., rather than alphabetically. No (default 0)


Adding new option value "Aubergine" to the product option with ID 1

Request URI


Request body

	"optionValueName": "Aubergine",
	"sortOrder": 5


	"response": 14