Installed Accounts (deprecated) GET



This resource allows you to fetch the list of accounts that have installed one of your apps, along with the unsigned account tokens. This resource is only available to Brightpearl registered developers.

You must use the EU1 datacentre; this endpoint is not available in other datacentres.

The following headers are required:

  • brightpearl-dev-ref: Your unique developer reference, entered when you registered.
  • brightpearl-app-ref: The unique reference of your app, supplied when you create the app.
  • brightpearl-dev-token: A base 64 encoded HMAC-SHA256 hash of your developer token, signed with your developer secret.

Deprecated: the unsigned account token is only applicable to our legacy app authentication. It is not required when using our recommended OAuth authentication mechanism.


Developer 'acmewidgets' fetches the accounts that have installed their app 'autoship'.

Request URI



	"response": [
			"installedOn": "2014-08-21T13:29:41.000Z",
			"accountCode": "outerheaven",
			"unsignedAccountToken": "e073e3c8-129f-4bbe-b5fb-dddd93ebd842",
			"enabled": true
			"installedOn": "2014-07-23T07:09:44.000Z",
			"accountCode": "topfurniture",
			"unsignedAccountToken": "50fc9b6e-f279-4fd5-bb73-fef5b993782a",
			"enabled": false