Drop-Ship Note Event POST



Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


This messages enables you to add an event to an existing drop-ship note.

Detailed field description:
Field Name Field Description Required Maximum Length
trackingReference The tracking reference No 64
shippingMethodId The shipping method ID No N/A
event.eventCode The event code Yes N/A
event.occured Time the event occurred Yes N/A
event.eventOwnerId The ID of the person who initiated the event Yes N/A

Possible Event Codes:

  • SHS: Shipped by supplier - The time the drop-ship note was shipped by the supplier


Add a shipped event to drop-ship note 3, with a tracking reference and shipping method ID.

Request URI


Request body

	"trackingReference": 22,
	"shippingMethodId": 1,
	"events": [
			"eventCode": "SHS",
			"occured": "2011-08-23T16:10:45.555Z",
			"eventOwnerId": 1