Order fulfilment status GET



Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


Used to get fulfilment information about each row of an order at a glance. The response is a map keyed by order row and contains the following fields:

Field Description
quantity The quantity of the order row
fulfilled Number of items fulfilled (i.e. a goods-out or drop-ship note has been created for all or part of that order row)
shipped Number of items shipped (i.e. items on a shipped goods-out or drop-ship note corresponding to this order row)
fulfilmentLocations A map of locationId to quantity fulfilled from that location.

Things to watch out for:

  • non-stock tracked products and "free text" order rows will never be fulfilled or shipped (they will still show up in the response);
  • if no locations have been fulfilled from, fulfilmentLocations will not be present in the response;
  • fulfilments from no location (i.e. with location management off, or in the case of drop-ship fulfilments) will not appear in fulfilmentLocations.


Get the fulfilment status of a partially fulfilled order

Request URI



	"response": {
		"65": {
			"quantity": 15,
			"fulfilled": 7,
			"shipped": 5,
			"fulfilmentLocations": {
				"2": 2
		"67": {
			"quantity": 1,
			"fulfilled": 0,
			"shipped": 0