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Name Required Sortable Filterable Data type Reference data Description
purchaseOrderId INTEGER None The ID of the purchase order.
batchId INTEGER None Id of the batch which the stock was received on.
userBatchRef SEARCH_STRING None User supplied reference for the batch.
productId INTEGER None The product Id.
locationId INTEGER None The location Id of the stock.
groupingA STRING None
groupingB STRING None
groupingC STRING None
groupingD STRING None
price STRING None The value for the stock.
landedCosts STRING None The landed costs for the stock.
currCode STRING None Currency for value.
receivedQuantity INTEGER None The quantity recieved as part of this batch into location for given price.
onHand INTEGER None The quantity on hand for this batch in this location at this price for the product.
createdDate PERIOD None
receivedDate PERIOD None
warehouseId INTEGER None The warehouse Id.


Sorted by Sort Direction
batchId ASC

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