A pick message is used to update Brightpearl during sales order fulfilment. It allows pickers to break the usual first-in-first-out (FIFO) principle when collecting items from the warehouse and updates the goods-out notes to reflect what was ACTUALLY picked instead of what SHOULD have been picked.

The increased flexibility gives pickers more freedom to determine the optimal pick locations for the most efficient trip around the warehouse and the goods note updates will improve stock level accuracy by making it easier to update the system.

Using a traditional FIFO system it's common to see a pick list where the picker must pick the same product from 2 locations despite there being enough stock to fulfil the order from either location by virtue of the order the items entered the warehouse. Or there might be a 3rd location much closer to the other order items. A pick message will allow the picker to pick the most suitable items whilst keeping both the goods-out note and location stock levels in line.

In addition to specifying which locations have been picked from the message also allows the user to specify the goods-in note batch affected.