Stock Transfer GET



Refer to our documentation on URI syntax for more information on how to construct URIs.


Fetch one or all stock transfers.

Field Description
stockTransferId Unique ID for this stock transfer
sourceWarehouseId ID of warehouse that stock is coming from
targetWarehouseId ID of warehouse that stock is going to
goodsOutNoteId If the transfer has been processed, this is the ID of the corresponding goods out note. If unprocessed, the ID is 0 (i.e. there is no goods out note)
reference User-specified reference
createdBy ID of user that created this transfer
createdOn Time at which this transfer was created


Get a specific stock transfer

Request URI



	"response": [
			"stockTransferId": 1,
			"sourceWarehouseId": 2,
			"targetWarehouseId": 3,
			"goodsOutNoteId": 4,
			"reference": "my-reference",
			"createdBy": 201,
			"createdOn": "2016-06-07T15:41:34.000+01:00"